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Foam ≠ Clean!

In RADIUS on June 20, 2018 at 2:28 pm

Most people assume that a foam is necessary when brushing their teeth. However, equating foaminess with cleanliness is all in your mind – put there by years of shampoo commercials showing people having the time of their lives while washing suds out of their hair.

The truth of the matter is that foam is typically caused by chemicals! Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is one of the most common foaming agents added to dental products. These nasty chemicals are added to your shampoo or toothpaste just to make it foam. It’s not necessarily cleaning any better, it’s just making you think it is. Now don’t get us wrong, there are also natural ways to make foam but those products (like our toothpaste) will have low foam. A super frothy lather is most likely chemically induced.

When we were formulating our organic toothpastes, we thought a lot about foam. It goes without saying that we would never include any chemicals, but we did think about the fact that people like foam because it makes them feel cleaner. It may be a mindset, but it’s a mindset that people enjoy, and we’re all about adding joy to the mundane tasks of daily life.

We researched many different natural and organic foaming ingredients and ultimately decided on Quillaja Saponaria Wood Extract – a mouthful to say, we know! It causes a low, natural foam and is completely safe. This extract has a long history of medicinal use with Andean people, who used it especially as a treatment for various chest problems.

Stick to clean without chemicals!

A New, Fresh & Light Toothpaste Formula

In RADIUS on February 24, 2017 at 1:59 pm


If you’ve used our organic toothpaste in the past, you may have noticed a few subtle changes recently. We know, that’s a bad word. “Change” isn’t a word most people like to hear, but we can assure you that not all change is bad. In fact, the changes that we made are good and only increase the awesome-ness of our toothpaste.

We simply wanted to offer a much lighter, smoother toothpaste so we decided to make a few minor tweaks to our formula that organically enhances the taste, texture, and your overall brushing experience.


Now made in the USA

Now just like our toothbrushes and accessories, our organic toothpastes are now made in the good ol’ US of A.

Addition of organic chamomile flower

Not just for tea drinkers, soothing chamomile can also help ease gum inflammation and its antimicrobial properties can act as a natural preservative.

Increased organic aloe

We upped the aloe to offer more of its cooling, antibacterial, and antiviral properties which can help fight tooth decay.

Light, natural foam

No, it’s not SLS or SLES…it’s organic soapberry. Used in oral medications in traditional Chinese medicine, the soapberry is a natural foaming agent and has antibacterial properties.

Have no fear, our toothpastes are still USDA certified organic, vegan, and nasty ingredient-free. We hold those characteristics near and dear to our hearts and promise to never let them go.

Get your tube of our USDA Organic Toothpaste here!

Whole Foods Spends the Day at RADIUS

In RADIUS on June 17, 2016 at 12:58 pm

Last week we were very excited to welcome the Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic Regional Whole Body Team and the Whole Body Team from Whole Foods Market South Street in Philadelphia! They took a tour of the RADIUS HQ, learned all about our manufacturing process, and joined us for some lunch. Here’s a glimpse into their day at RADIUS!

Take a Tour of RADIUS

In RADIUS on May 18, 2016 at 7:22 pm

This is where we design, create, manufacture, and bring our innovative products to life. Take a tour of our historic factory and HQ and get an inside look at what makes RADIUS tick.

Natural Products Expo West 2016

In RADIUS on March 16, 2016 at 11:17 am

Expo West 2016 is officially over but we’re not ready to say goodbye.


The RADIUS Team had such a wonderful time taking in the California sights and introducing the world to our brand new USDA Certified Organic Toothpaste that we wanted to share all of our memories with you…

RADIUS goes to Anaheim

The RADIUS Team having dinner in Huntington BeachThe RADIUS Team having dinner in Huntington Beach

Not a bad view.Not a bad view.

karaoke-cakeJust a little Friday night karaoke.

Dinner with friends. Dinner with friends at Zov’s.

Booth Happenings

The RADIUS Booth #3400 is ready to go.The RADIUS Booth #3400 is ready to go.

podium“The Podium.”

Our one-of-a-kind USDA Organic Toothpaste proudly on display in the New Product Showcase. Our one-of-a-kind USDA Organic Toothpaste proudly on display in the New Product Showcase.

Our new USDA Organic Toothpaste was a BIG hit.Our new USDA Organic Toothpaste was a BIG hit.

Our CEO. Saskia, and her son Ollie. Our CEO brought her son Ollie to his first Expo.

Ollie enjoying his Pure Baby Toothbrush.Ollie enjoying his Pure Baby Toothbrush.

The Toast to Toothpaste Wine party has begun. The Toast to Toothpaste Wine party has begun.

Let's toast to our new toothpaste. Wine & Toothpaste, anyone?

Seen at Expo

We met The Toothfairy. We met the Tooth Fairy.

We love Weleda.We love Weleda.


Want a ride?Want a ride?


See you next year California! #ExpoWest2017