Better By Design


Unique Personal Care Products Carefully Crafted to be Better by Design

In 1983, on the pristine beaches of Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Kevin Foley & James O’Halloran, two architects who possessed an insatiable love for clever design, had a wild and crazy idea. What if even the most mundane products that we use every day could be refined and revolutionized to be better? – better quality, better results, better looking, and better for the environment…simply put, better by design.

Starting with the humble toothbrush, which is used every day by billions, Kevin & James set out to evolve a product that has been virtually unaltered since its initial conception. The result was a more effective, beautiful, and unique toothbrush than anyone has ever seen – the RADIUS® Original®.

Now, more than 33 years later, RADIUS has continued down the path of evolution with a range of eco-friendly, critically acclaimed toothbrushes, innovative accessories, and a line of one-of-a-kind USDA certified organic toothpastes. We have never created just another “me-too” product and never will. Just like the Original Toothbrush designed so many years ago, all of our products are unique, eco-friendly, and provide a more enjoyable experience for our customers.

Kevin’s daughter, Saskia Foley, now leads RADIUS as the CEO & President, officially making RADIUS a certified women owned enterprise. Under her direction RADIUS continues to be a family-run company that’s completely vertically integrated; we design, manufacture on solar powered machines, and inspect all of our own products by hand in our historic headquarters located in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Even though we’ve long traded in the sandy beaches of Tortola for the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, we’ve never forgotten our core values and the revolutionary idea that gave us our start. Our promise is to continuously design products that enhance the quality and enjoyment of everyday routines while still be conscious of our impact on the environment – because being better by design is what we’re all about.




  1. Hello!

    Your product is amazing. I just used the source toothbrush for the first time ever and it was so soft and the extra brushes made my mouth feeling very clean!

    As I am planning my Christmas shopping early this year, I will be getting my whole family a Radius toothbrush!



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